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Getting started

Here's how we recommend you tackle setting up your new GiveCloud site!

  1. Configure your DonorPerfect and SafeSave credentials.
    In order for GiveCloud to process payments (SafeSave) and send your donor and financial data over to DonorPerfect, GiveCloud needs a username and password for both systems.  Once you've collected them, enter them in your Advanced Settings.  From the left menu, select 'Administration > Advanced', and scroll to the appropriate panel.

    Note: If you are a new DonorPerfect Online client, we recommend you take the time now to make sure your SafeSave gateway and payment processor accounts have been submitted to DonorPerfect as these can take several weeks to process.  You will need these in place in order to process financial transactions on your GiveCloud site.

  2. Start adding products and donation items.
    You trial site came with a few example products, donations and registrations.  Start by either editting those or adding your own. [Read more]
  3. Add your DonorPerfect codes.
    In your control panel, each product has a 'DPO Integration' tab.  Use that tab to tell GiveCloud which data to send to DonorPerfect when someone purchases that product.  Before doing this step, be sure your General Ledger, Campaign, Solicitation, etc codes are configured correctly in DonorPerfect. [Read more]

  4. Customize your Email Responses.
    From the left menu, select 'Products > Email Notifications'.  Here, you'll find the list of system email responses for you to customize.  Add images, color, and your organizations language to give your emails a unique flare.

  5. Configure your shipping settings.
    Choose between two different shipping modules:
    a) Tiered (or Flat Rate) Shipping [Read more]
    b) Courier Rated Shipping [Read more]

  6. Customize your site's layout.
    Your GiveCloud site comes with our free default theme.  Our theme also comes with a customization panel that allows you to update your theme without and code!  From the left menu, select 'Site Design > Customize'.  [Read more]

    Looking for your scrolling home page banners?
    From the left menu, select 'Website Content > Home Page Banners'.  [Read more]

    Want a different theme?
    Hire your own designer or we can connect you with one of our design partners.  Just ask :)  Advanced theming files can be accessed from the left menu under 'Site Design > Advanced'.
  7. Take it for a spin!
    We've created a thorough procedure you can follow to test your site.  We recommend you follow it through.  It'll give you confidence that everything will run as you expect it should. [Read more]

Bonus (optional)

  1. Do you want a custom domain?
    You can choose any domain you'd like.  [Read more]

  2. Do you want GiveCloud to automatically manage and charge your recurring payments?
    Allowing GiveCloud to automcially manage your recurring EFTs takes the burden of manual EFT processing off your shoulders.  GiveCloud will automatically charge your donor's accounts.  As such, you can allow your donors to choose any day of the month to process their donation.  Further, you can optionally give your donors access to manage their recurring payment using their own secure login (change the donation amount, temporarily pause the donation, and more).  Interested?  Let us know at and we'll activate it.  No charge :)  (applies only to Pro and Unlimited Plans)