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Keep your site fresh

We encourage you to keep your site fresh and engaging to your site visitors to they know you are really there and really doing great stuff!


  • Update your banners frequently
  • DEFINITELY Link your banners to product item pages in your site and/or content pages in your site.   You don't have to, but banner images are an excellent way to advertise things you have going on!


  • DonorShops includes a blogging feature that is a great way to keep your supporters up to date on how their contributions and support are being used 
  • Include specifics
  • Include images & video
  • Show & Tell them what you are doing right now because of the support they have provided!


  • Don't forget that you can link product/donation items to other item pages.  For example, while they are looking at a content page, include 'Donate Now' image button that links them to a donation product item in your site.
  • DonorShops is designed specifically to help you engage your supporters (and potential supporters)!   Use lots of images and video content in your product items
  • Use the blogging capability to let them know what you are doing RIGHT NOW with the money they have contributed to their organization