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How do I use the Abandoned Carts report?

The Abandoned Carts report shows visits to your DonorShops system where one or more items were placed in the cart, but the site visitor did not complete their purchase.

The Abandoned Carts report can be filtered both by date range and also by Status:




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The site visitor did not attempt to complete their purchase

Checking Out

The site visitor filled in form fields and possibly product items but did not click the checkout button to process payment

Failed Payment

The site visitor attempted to checkout, but their payment information was rejected by the payment processor.  Reason for failure, if returned by the SafeSave gateway, will be included.


If the person left the site before filling in their name/address/email information in the Bill To fields, then the Abandoned Carts list report will show 'n/a' in the 'Bill To' column.   If, on the other hand, they did complete these fields, then this gives you the opportunity to contact the site visitor to offer assistance completing the order.

If the SafeSave payent gateway returned a failure response, this will be included in the Response Text column.  (e.g.; TRANS NOT ALLOWED, REJECTED CONTACT CUST SERV, DECLINE-CV2 FAIL, DECLINE-TRY LATER, DECLINE, etc.).  

If you open up the Abandoned Carts order to view the order details, you will be able to see whatever name/address/email information they did fill in as well as the items they placed in their cart. (see image next page)