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How do I perform a Site Check procedure?

It is important to perform this site check procedure before going live with your DonorShops site:

Site Check

This test will check and confirm your site settings, connections and email notifications are set up properly:



Place a $5.00 (or higher) order via your DonorShops site

You will need to use a legitimate name, address and credit card for this.  Your order should include an email address that you can access.

In previous versions, a $1.00 purchase would suffice, but DonorPerfect has increased the default minimum acceptable purchase amount to $5.00 for security reasons.  This provides better security for your organization against foreign hackers who try to test credit cards by running $1.00 purchases.  If you want the default changed back in DonorPerfect, contact DonorPerfect support.

Confirm that the order appears in your DonorShops JPanel Orders list

If the order was unsuccessful, check your Advanced Settings SafeSave Username and Password.  These must be correct for an active SafeSave account on your DPO system.  

You can access and update your SafeSave user/password information through the DPO SafeSave payment user interface.   Contact your DonorPerfect support representative if you need assistance with this. 

Open the order and note the DonorPerfect Donor ID and Gift ID(s).

You can click on these links to retrieve the order information directly from DPO on the order details page within DonorShops.

If the Donor ID and Gift ID are showing as zero with a ‘Resynch to DonorPerfect’ link, this indicates that there is a problem with your DPO Login Username/Password.   

Double check your DPO login credentials by logging into your DPO user interface with the same credentials.  If you can’t log into DPO with these credentials, you will need to fix them in DPO and then update your DonorShops DPO Login information in the Advanced Settings DPO Username and/or DPO Password fields.

Confirm that you received the Order Received: To Customer email

See JPanel Email Notifications page for listing of the various emails. 

If you had entered email address(es) in the Email Notify field for the product you purchased, you should have also received a ‘BCC’ of the customer email at this address (or these addresses)

The Email Notify field is in the DonorShops product

If you specified an Order Received: To Admin email address, you should have also received an order notification email at that address

See JPanel Email Notifications page for listing of the various emails. 

If you ordered an item that includes downloadable content, the purchaser should have also received the Order: eDownload Links email

See JPanel Email Notifications page for listing of the various emails. 

Note the confirmation number in the DonorShops order.  This shows in the Confirm No. From Payment Gateway field.


Log into DPO and go to App Links: Processing Gateway


In the SafeSave payments window, select Reports


In the Search Transactions  area (lower portion of reports screen), paste the Confirm No. into the Transaction ID field

You should see the transaction in the resulting report.


This completes initial testing. 

You have now confirmed that orders are processed properly by the SafeSave gateway and sent to your DPO system.  Also, that the customer and your organization are receiving appropriate email notifications.