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QR Code Check-In for Event Tickets

QR Code Event Attendance

DonorShops allows you to automatically generate a Check-In QR code into a custom email notification for an event.

DonorShops does NOT require a specific mobile phone scanning application. There are lots of free apps out there.  Try a few out and find one you like!

This allows your event registration staff to:

  • scan the eTicket at the gate with a mobile device
  • view the number of people who have already checked in on this ticket
  • check people in with the displayed ‘Check In Now’ button
  • display any custom field options set for the ticket – e.g.; if the people requested a seat near the band, it will display on the QR Check-In page shown on the mobile device
  • And allows your desktop users via JPanel to display the event-specific Event Check-Ins Report to see who has checked in

How To Set Up QR Code Event Attendance

  • This feature must be enabled on your system and is included in both DonorShops PRO and DonorShops UNLIMITED configurations
  • You MUST enable the ‘Enable Event Check-Ins’ option within the event product(s).
  • Add the [[checkin_qr]] merge tag to the Custom Email Notification for the event
    • Remove any other QR coding you may have already had in your custom email notification.  You don’t want registration staff to scan the wrong code.
  • Create JPanel logins for your gate registration staff BUT ONLY ENABLE the ‘Can process event Check-Ins option (unless  you actually want them to have other JPanel access)
    • When they scan their first ticket, they will have to log into JPanel with these credentials and this will allow them to view the mobile device checkin display (shown on previous page) for subsequent ticket check-ins


Suggestion: You may also wish to create a Test Event on your DonorShops system with a sample QR code checkin eTicket so you can show your registration staff how to use this on their mobile devices before the doors open for your actual event.  Once you have one eTicket for your test event, you can use (scan) it over and over again for training your staff.


Mobile Phone


Note that the display automatically shows any Custom Field values – in this case, the participant names, the number of vegetarian meals requested and where they wanted to sit.


Here, the user has scrolled down a little on the page to see when the 2 Check-Ins occurred:


So, if somebody else comes in with a bogus BCC of the event registration email, when they get to the door, it will show that there were already 2 check-ins for this ticket six minutes ago.