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How to add a Landing Page for Events

If you want to have a Landing Page that displays your conference/gala/event and don't have it set up like a product page 

It's really easy to add it to your page.

Step 1: 

Log into your Donorshops admin panel

Step 2:

Go to the left-hand navigation and select 'Products' and then 'Products and Categories' from the drop-down menu and create a new product category, it's not important what you name it, it's for your own organization. Save this page.

Step 3: 

This is a very critical but very simple step! The website URL for your product category should look something like this:

Copy down the number at the end. In this case it's the number 8

Step 4:

Add items to that product category. These items can be anything, tickets, day passes, shirts, hats, whatever you want people to purchase for your event. Although typically these are going to be passes.

Step 5: 

Once you've added all the items to your page save it and select 'Page & Menus' from the left-hand navigation bar. Then in the page select 'Add a page' you can add it under a heading or as its own standalone category. Fill in the info you want, save and then open that page again to edit

Step 6:

When you go back into that page. Title your page and add your event photo to the big empty text box. 

Underneath the photo you're going to want to add what's called an HTML shortcode. 

[list_products category_ids="##"]

Select the entire shortcode including the brackets underneath the photo you put into the text box. 

Now take that number you got in step 3 and replace ## with that number. It should look just like this.

[list_products category_ids="8"]

Step 7:

Make sure your page is online and you've set your URL to something you like!