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How do I setup a custom domain name or custom URL?

You can set your site to have any domain name you'd like.  Please note: This requires updating your domain's DNS records.  If you're not famililar with how to do this, ask your domain registrar for help or a tech saavy colleage.

Step 1: Update your domain's DNS records
You will need to login to the site where you originally purchased your domain.  This is called your domain registrar.  Once you've logged in to the registrar's control panel, you'll need to find the DNS settings.  Once you find the DNS settings, create a CNAME record that points to your DonorShops site.  For example, if your DonorShops site is, and you want to change it to, create a CNAME record for that points to

Step 2: Notify
Once you've created your CNAME record, please notify of your requested domain change.  We will reconfigure your site on your behalf to respond to the updated domain.  

*Please note that this process can take up to 72 hours to complete but, typically 24 hours. 


Notes to Domain Administrators
For a Top-level domain (TLD) like, you should use an A record pointing to Be warned: You should not use a CNAME record with a TLD, as it may cause issues with other services on the domain, like email.

For a Subdomainit is best to set a CNAME record pointing to your Donorshops subdomain. This allows the DNS to automatically adjust if the server's IP is changed on Donorshops. You can also use an A record as above, but it will not auto-update.