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How do I import my sponsorship records?

There are three steps to having DS import your sponsorship records for you.

  1. Build Custom Fields
    You will need to build all your custom fields in DS.  Those are the additional data-points you want to track for each of your records and are unique to your organization.  These are the fields that will eventually be populated with your sponsorship record data.

  2. Collect Your Data & Check Data Integrity
    Collect all your sponsorship records into a single CSV (or spreadsheet) file.  For the lowest cost and most accurate import to take place, we recommend you:
    • Be sure that the data is complete (no empty rows)
    • Be sure the spreadsheet format is not corrupt (ex: some formats may shift data from column to column)
    • Be sure that the data is consistent (ex: all dates are formatted the same way; all cities are spelled the same way, etc)
  3. Prepare a Mapping File & Instructions
    Prepare a document that outlines which columns in your data report match your custom fields in DS.  This step can be done in spreadsheet format or text format.  There is no fixed format - it's just a reference file our team will use when performing the import.

    For example: Perhaps you have "Mother's Birthday" as a custom field in DS.  In your import file, the header is "MBDAY".  We need to know that MBDAY maps to "Mother's Birthday".  
  4. Send Us Your Data
    Send us your data file and mapping file to  Our team will review the files and reply within 3 business days to confirm a quote and timeline.

How long does it take to perform a data import?

It varies from organization to organization.  Simpler files can take a couple hours.  More complicated files (for example: many custom fields that require mapping to multi-select options) or files that contain image references can take a couple of days for our team to process.  Generally, we strive to have imports completed without 10 business days.  Our team will give you an accurate timeline once you send your data.

How do we import images?

There are a couple of ways images can be imported into DS.  In all cases, there needs to be a unique identifier in your spreadsheet data that links each record in your spreadsheet to an appropriate image.

Example 1: You may have an ID column in your spreadsheet that is always unique.  You could rename all of your images to match the ID in your spreadsheet.  For example: Record #123-45678 would match 123-45678.jpg.

Example 2: You could create a column in your spreadsheet called, "Image" that referenced the exact location of the image to be imported.  You could reference a file name (ex: "timmy.jpg") or you could reference an image URL (ex: "").  If you reference an image URL, the image will be imported into your DS Cloud Storage.