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How do I connect DonorPerfect Gift UDFs?

DonorPerfect allows you to create custom fields (User Defined Fields - UDFs) on your gift screen.  This allows individual organizations to manage their own specific data points on each gift or transaction.

If you have setup Gift UDFs in DonorPerfect, GiveCloud can push data that the donor provides during their purchase/donation into those UDFs.  This is done using Product Custom Fields.

Step 1: Request UDF Integration

You'll need let us know what UDF's you want your GiveCloud account to push to DonorPerfect.  Just hit us up at with the UDF Code and Label for each UDF you want to integrate with.

One that is done, you'll see your custom fields appear as options on all your DP Integration panels.

Step 2: Setup Your Product Custom Fields

Option 1: Using Donor Input to Populate Gift UDFs

  1. Find the product where you want collect the donor's input.
  2. Create a custom field on that product.  When you are setting up each field, you should see a Map to Gift UDF drop down.  Select the Gift UDF you want each custom field to link to.
  3. Click Save.
Now, each time a donor enters a value in your custom field, it will be pushed to the DonorPerfect Gift UDF you selected.
Option 2: Populating a Gift UDF with a fixed value
  1. Find the product where you want to send fixed UDF data to DonorPerfect
  2. Click the DonorPerfect Integration tab.
  3. Look for your UDF under the Custom Integration panel.  Enter the fixed value you want pushed to DonorPerfect everytime this item is added to an order.
  4. Click Save.
Now, each time this item is ordered, your UDF will be populated with the fixed value you entered.


  • (MOST COMMON) If the UDF you setup in DonorPerfect has a fixed set of codes, the value that is sent from GiveCloud must EXACTLY match the set of fixed options in DonorPerfect (exact case and spelling).
  • Are you sure the UDF Code you provided GiveCloud support staff is correct?