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How are gifts created in DonorPerfect?

When setting up products in DonorShops, there is a DonorPerfect Integration tab that allows you to specify exactly how DS should create a gift in DonorPerfect.  You have full control over all the values you see below.  These values can be different from product to product.

In the example above, you'll notice an empty Custom Integration panel.  If you have custom fields in DonorPerfect, you can optionally configure DonorShops to populate your custom fields.

If at checkout there are multiple products or donation items are in the customer's cart with unique DonorPerfect Integration codes, multiple gifts will be created in DonorPerfect inorder to preserve the integrity of the DonorPerfect codes.  All gifts would be associated with the same donor.

When creating a gift, DS sends:

  • Invoice Number (the DS order number)
  • Check Reference Number (the payment confirmation number)
  • Donor ID
  • GL Code
  • Campaign Code
  • Solicitation Code
  • Sub-Solicitation Code
  • Amount
  • Gift Type
  • Fair Market Value
  • TY Letter Number
  • Memo
  • NoCalc Value (global value for all gifts - set in Advanced Settings)
  • + any custom fields that have been configured
Once a gift is created in DonorPerfect, you will be able to see the exact details you entered in your DonorPerfect Integratino tab reflected in DonorPerfect.  As an example: