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How do I change from Consolidated Receipt Type to Individual Receipt Type?

What is the difference between a Consolidated Receipt Type & an Individual Receipt Type?

A Consolidated receipt type will generate tax receipts in DonorPerfect with a total amount per person/per year.

Whereas an Individual receipt type will generate tax receipts for each individual transaction. 

The only change that will take place in DS is that all the gifts that are generated by DS and pushed over to DP will have the updated receipt type setting. It is a global setting for all the gifts created in DS. 

This is something you can manage by following these 3 easy steps:

 1. Click on Administration (bottom left in the menu)

 2. Click on DonorPerfect (first tab on left in Settings)

 3. Scroll down to Receipt Type (change from C to I in the drop down menu)

Don't Forget to click Save at the top right before you leave the page!