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What types of custom fields can I add?

Each Custom Field can be one of:

  • Text
  • Multi-Select
  • Advanced Multi-Select




Shows as a text

Note: If you use a text field as a filter on the website (see below), the field will be shown as a text field which the user can type in matching, or partially matching, values into.



For drop-down select options. When you choose this, it will give you an ‘Edit Options’ panel where you can enter the various options you want to offer. 

Multi-Select options can have GEO coordinates assigned to them and you can choose whether to show the field on the main list page as a filter value.

Advanced Multi-Select

These are like select options but can also have summary information included and also a link to another page in your site.  So, for example, if you had an Advanced Multi-Select option for schools, you could have page(s) in your DonorShops site that show and tell about the school(s).