1. Once you've logged in to your backend admin panel, head to Sell & Fundraise > Items on the left hand menu.

  2. Click the green 'Add' button at the top of the Items screen to create a new item.

  3. Once you've clicked to add a new product, it will take you to a new product setup page. On the right hand side is a panel where you can select which template you want to use.

    - If you're creating a donation page you'll likely want to use the 'page with payment' template.

    - If you're creating a product, e.g. a book or a t-shirt, you may want to use the 'product' or the 'default' template.

    - If you're creating a ticket/registration for an event, you'll want to use the 'event registration' template (if you choose this, a tab will appear on the left for you to fill in the event details such as time, location and date).

  4. Under the Price & Options box you can add multiple "variants". These could be specific dates (you can set different prices on each variant and also set a quantities that are available per variant e.g. 50 x adult tickets, 35 x student tickets, and 50 x child tickets and differing prices on each also).

    NB: If you are setting specific quantities you'll also want to make sure you select to "stop accepting orders when out of stock".

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