Why Enterprise?

We are passionate about helping your organization make a lasting impact.

Our dedicated Enterprise experts are focused on ensuring GiveCloud delivers high-impact benefits that are meaningful and measurable to your team. Beyond the already outstanding benefits we provide every charity, your Enterprise account will receive the additional benefits and attention it requires.

Save on Software Costs and Payment Processing

  • Our all-in-one suite of tools reduces the number of service providers, simplifies billing and reduces transaction fees to a standard preferred rate across all your fundraising operations.
  • Enterprise customers often pay less than 2.25% in fees, payment processing and software costs included.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Administration

  • Eliminating standalone fundraising applications means no more time consuming data entry when trying to synchronize your data between systems.
  • Automated and intelligent email notifications eliminate the manual labour of donor follow-up while maintaining a genuine tone and appearance.

Improve Data Consistency

  • Unified intelligence across all tools enhances record matching and minimizes record duplication when syncing to your external systems.

Make Faster and More Informed Decisions

  • Custom real-time integrations allow you to generate meaningful, up-to-the-minute reports from your primary CRM database so you can make timely educated decisions.

Create Cutting Edge Fundraising Experiences

  • Using one integrated suite of tools uniquely enriches each individual tool’s feature set allowing you to dream-up innovative, connected and holistic fundraising campaigns.
  • Our full-stack developers are available on-demand to create unique and cutting-edge fundraising experiences.

Smoother Internal Operations

  • Our tools fully integrate with your existing systems and operations for a seamless fit.
  • Multi-disciplined experts give you holistic advice that spans all your fundraising operations to deliver integrated, cost-efficient solutions that eliminate the need for external contracts.

Headache-Free Maintenance and Customizations

  • Your fundraising operations will have the support of our customer service team and our expert programmers and engineers, as required.
  • Your on-demand, dedicated expert knows your account intimately and ensures your account is managed and maintained according to your specific requirements.

Features Exclusive to Enterprise

Managed All-In-One Marketing & Fundraising

Access all of GiveCloud’s selling, fundraising and automation features and have our team manage the setup and optionally provide ongoing updates.

  • Custom Websites
  • Custom donor portals
  • Landings and campaigns
  • Donation forms
  • Fundraising cart
  • Peer-to-Peer Campaigns
  • Shopping cart and fulfillment
  • Event registration and tickets
  • SMS Giving & Forms
  • Memberships
  • iPad Kiosk designer
  • Point-of-sale

Custom System Integrations

GiveCloud will ensure that your suite of fundraising tools connect well with one another and with your third-party systems such as CRM databases, email marketing platforms, accounting software and so on. Where possible, the integrations will be in real-time and employ intelligence that maintains data consistency and minimizes duplicate records. In all cases, the integrations are tailored to your specific requirements.

On-Demand Expert Consulting

Our multi-disciplined experts give you holistic advice and propose integrated, cost-effective solutions that are most often included in your existing enterprise subscription.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee our infrastructure will keep your fundraising operations online - and we can credit your account if your service experiences a qualified and confirmed interruption.

Priority Support Resolution

Any support issue created by your team will be prioritized in the support queue for quicker resolution.

On-Demand Developer Support

Your dedicated account representative is available during business hours via phone, SMS messenger or video conference. On select plans, use a dedicated phone line to reach your account rep and the entire GiveCloud team, as required.

Payment Migrations

Migrate payments from other processors over to GiveCloud (or another third party processor) in order to take advantage of lower transaction fees and GiveCloud’s time-saving automation.

Legacy Payment Automation

Automate payments processed outside of GiveCloud’s application. GiveCloud can use webhooks, payment notifications, and other methods to detect when payments have been made to your organization in other platforms and initiate the appropriate systems automation and reconciliation.

Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise customers get access to a premium dashboard that provides complete, real-time transparency on transaction fees, support tickets, development tasks, storage used, and more.

30 Day Service Time Rollover

You can borrow committed service hours from the past month or next month.

What's Next?

Schedule a call with one of our Senior Managers and discover if your organization could benefit from GiveCloud Enterprise.

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