You've got a beautiful venue, an important mission and critical awareness to be raised. You can see opportunities to grow, but...

  • You're using 5-6 different tools that are a mess to manage
  • Your not using technology the way you want to be
  • Financial accounting is a pain
  • Fundraising is difficult to manage
  • The idea of growing feels more like a nightmare than a day dream

GiveCloud to the Rescue!

  • Modernize your operations with online ticketing, ecommerce, fundraising and member portal
  • Attract more conversions with beautiful and compelling templates designed to work on any device
  • Raise more money with better fundraising tools and automated monthly donation management
  • Reduce member and recurring donor cancellations with automated card updates and member alerts
  • Reduce staff and volunteer hours by allowing your donors and members to manage themselves through a self-serve portal
  • Simplify your accounting with consolidated reporting for all your payments
  • Streamline operations with real-time integrations into your existing systems
  • Save money with the lowest transaction fees

Get started for just $69/mon + payment processing.

Fun Ideas with GiveCloud

  • Imagine an iPad kiosk in your welcome center or next to your featured exhibit with an educational video and interactive fundraising.
  • Imagine selling items using a modern Point of Sale that's also connected to your online store. ย If you sell out in-person, you automatically sell out online.
  • Imagine selling tickets online and in-person using the same system - all on a beautiful website.
  • Imagine allowing your community to book excursions, rentals, courses or classes online, and then letting them access their order through their portal.

Realtime Integrations with your Existing CRM

If you've got an existing CRM, we know how important systems are and how much you've invested in making them a core part of your operations. ย With over 10 years experience with CRM integrations, GiveCloud provides your organization with a deep and extensive integration with your existing CRM including DonorPerfect, SalesForce, and more.

  • All contact data is pushed in realtime, including acquisition data, NPS data, and other important metrics.
  • Intelligence prevents duplicates in your CRM
  • Contact data is pulled from your CRM to be displayed in the donor portal
  • Changes made by the donor can be automatically pushed to your CRM
  • All payment data is pushed to your CRM, including financial coding and other tracking data
  • Run ad-hoc reports in your CRM confidence that the data is up-to-date and accurateย 
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