We know the pain of trying to run and grow your child sponsorship program.

  • You spend a lot of your time managing data in MS Excel or a custom database
  • Your sponsors don't know what's going on with their child
  • You have no clue how you'd ever create (or afford to create) a website as engaging as "the big guys"
  • You're losing sponsors every month and you don't know why
  • Your operations feel like a mess
  • The idea of growing feels more painful than exciting

GiveCloud to the Rescue!

  • Increase your impact with a compelling, fully interactive website
  • Make sponsoring easier by offer sponsorships online, on the phone and through texting
  • Centralize your operations and manage your child records from anywhere in the world (and automatically update your website :)
  • Accept more payments including Credit, Debit, Direct Debit (ACH), Cash, Check and more
  • Save time by automating monthly charges, receipting, emails and so on
  • Reduce sponsor churn with automated credit card updates and email alerts
  • Learn how to improve your sponsor retention by collecting important churn and acquisition metrics  
  • Increase fundraising with automated appeals for gifts during special occasions like Birthdays 🎈
  • Prioritize financial stewardship with GiveCloud's low fees and allow your sponsors to cover those fees

Get started for just $69/mon + payment processing.

Realtime Integrations with your Existing CRM

If you've got an existing CRM, we know how important systems are and how much you've invested in making them a core part of your operations.  With over 10 years experience with CRM integrations, GiveCloud provides your organization with a deep and extensive integration with your existing CRM including DonorPerfect, SalesForce, and more.

  • All contact data is pushed in realtime, including acquisition data, NPS data, and other important metrics.
  • Intelligence prevents duplicates in your CRM
  • Contact data is pulled from your CRM to be displayed in the donor portal
  • Changes made by the donor can be automatically pushed to your CRM
  • All payment data is pushed to your CRM, including financial coding and other tracking data
  • Run ad-hoc reports in your CRM confidence that the data is up-to-date and accurate 
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