We ❤️ churches :)  With many of our team members having a faith background ourselves, we know how important giving is as a principle.  We also know how important it is to make giving easy and the importance of financial stewardship.

Unfortunately, most churches feel like...

  • It's 2019... but your giving operations feel more like 1919 📺
  • If you have online giving, your forms are dated, look unattractive or don't work well on phones
  • You're missing out on the ease of modern fundraising tools like Giving Kiosks and Text to Give
  • You're limited to accepting only certain types of payments
  • Some of your members have no idea how to give online and don't trust it
  • You're using separate systems for cash, credit, direct debit and text-to-give and it's a pain to reconcile
  • If you are processing electronic payments through fundraising software, you're paying sky-high fees (3% to 7%)

GiveCloud to the Rescue!

  • Unify the giving experience by using one platform for all your giving
  • Demonstrate financial stewardship with GiveCloud's low fees and allow your givers to cover those fees
  • Design compelling and modern online forms 
  • Simplify giving with unlimited Text-to-Give 💬with no additional fees 🙌
  • Make giving more accessible, secure and private with a self-serve iPad Giving Kiosk 💳 for processing Credit, Debit, Direct Debit (ACH), Apple Pay and Android Pay 🔥
  • Empower your church and reduce staff workload with a secure login where your tithers can access past tax receipts, update their profile, change their monthly donation (even from their bank), and more
  • Reduce payment cancellation with automated card expiry updates 💃🏻
  • Save time with automated notifications, automated payment processing, and automated end-of-year receipting
  • Collect important metrics the first time someone gives so you can follow-up and connect with them
  • Keep your church management software and follow-up teams up-to-date with easy data transfers to Planning Center, Church Community Builder, Servant Keeper, ACS, and more

Get started for just $69/mon + payment processing.

Included Bonus Features

  • Build a better website using GiveCloud's built-in page builder
  • Sell items in your Gift Shop or cafe with our Point of Sale
  • Create an online platform for selling media, products and event tickets
  • Track and manage pledges and promises to give
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