We ♥ consultants and agencies.  We know how much you love charities and love helping them make a bigger impact.  But we also know your pain!

  • Your losing RFPs to less-expensive bids
  • Your wasting time and money connecting too many tools that are hard to connect
  • Customers are frustrated with the "all-in-one" solution that isn't really "all-in-one"
  • Setup and maintenance is expensive and eating into your bottom line
  • Your clients are switching agencies after a couple of years

GiveCloud will turbo charge your business!

  • Win more RFPs and wow 🤯your customers with quicker turn around times and a tool built just for charities
  • Deliver a true all-in-one solution
  • Deliver fundraising opportunities over and above what the client asked for
  • Eliminate the unnecessary overhead of hosting, security, server maintenance, back-ups, migrations and imports
  • Save time by instantly provisioning projects based on projects you've delivered in the past
  • Build more loyal customers by delivering new features and continuous added value powered by GiveCloud

Why Switch to GiveCloud?

You've built a business using the tools you know and trust.  It's likely you are pretty confident in how your tools perform and feel strongly about some of those tools being "open-source".  If that's you, it may not be the right time for you to implement GiveCloud.


  • If you're looking to WOW your charities with a true all-in-one solution that feels like it was built with only them in mind...
  • If you're looking to deliver a solution that actually solves the real problems only charities face day-in and day-out... 
  • If you are looking to out-perform competitors and over-deliver to your customer...
  • If you are looking to provide outstanding results with long-term sustainability...
  • If you are looking finish projects faster and serve more customers simultaneously... 

...it's time for GiveCloud. 💪

You are in Complete Control

Unique to GiveCloud, you can unlock any GiveCloud theme and make it your own using whatever browser framework you'd like, all powered by Liquid templating.

Check out our API Documentation.

While Label & Co-Branding

When you create an agency account, your brand will be displayed at login and in the control panel alongside GiveCloud.

Realtime Integrations with your Client's CRM

With over 10 years experience with CRM integrations, GiveCloud provides you with a deep and extensive integration with your client's existing CRM including DonorPerfect, SalesForce, and more.

  • All contact data is pushed in realtime, including acquisition data, NPS data, and other important metrics.
  • Intelligence prevents duplicates in your client's CRM
  • Contact data is pulled from your client's CRM to be displayed in the donor portal
  • Changes made by the donor can be automatically pushed to your client's CRM
  • All payment data is pushed to your client's CRM, including financial coding and other tracking data
  • Your client can run ad-hoc reports in your CRM confidence that the data is up-to-date and accurate 

Consultant & Agency Pricing

Agency's can provision as many accounts as they need AND access all GiveCloud's features for only $99/mon/site + 2.75% (or less - including payment processing).  You can then co-brand, deliver, support and upsell the end solution.

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