GiveCloud allows you to score the loyalty, satisfaction and engagement of your donors.

  • Ask "How likely are you to recommend us?" after the first donation.
  • Re-ask the question when a donor wants to cancel their payment.
  • View and track the NPS® score of each donor.
  • Report on your NPS®
  • Push NPS® data into your CRM.

What is NPS®?

NPS® stands for Net Promoter Score.  Typically, it's used as a metric in customer experience programs. NPS® measures the loyalty of a customer to a company.  NPS is typically scored by asking the question "How likely are you to recommend us?" on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 not likely and 10 being very likely).

Each customer's loyalty would be categorized as:

  • 😄Promoter: 9-10
  • 😐Passive: 6-8
  • 😤Detractor: 1-5

Why would I use NPS®?

GiveCloud allows you to automatically ask for an NPS® score ("How likely are you to recommend us?") in convenient, unobtrusive moments during the lifecycle of your donor.  Understanding how loyal and satisfied your donors are can help you make quicker and more strategic choices.

Imagine knowing that your Gold Members are typically less satisfied than your Bronze members.  Or knowing sponsors of children from on region are more loyal than those children from another region.

The score is automatically overlayed on your fundraising reports to help you understand the correlation between your donor's loyalty and the success of your fundraising.

Enabling Net Promoter Score

  1. Go to Settings & Admin > Accounts and look for the Net Promoter Score panel.
  2. Click Enable.
  3. Click Save 🔥

Collecting NPS® Data

GiveCloud automatically asks "How likely are you to recommend us?" when:

  • A donor has made their first donation (on the thank-you page).
  • A donor tries to cancel their recurring payment.

Upcoming Features

  • NPS Report that shows your overall NPS score overlayed with your fundraising.
  • Push NPS score into your CRM integration.
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