Choosing GiveCloud means your choosing GROWTH! Β You're choosing to build a charity ready for rocket forward - confident you have the tools and systems you need to handle whatever comes next.

  • Grow Faster & Smarter - GiveCloud's reporting helps you understand your strengths and your weaknesses in real time. Β Combine the satisfaction of your donors as well as why they are churning with device and referral metrics to understand what's working well and what you need to improve.
  • Reduce Manual Processes - GiveCloud's automated processes make your team the accelerator for growth - not the bottleneck.
  • Reduce Errors - Automated integrations and intelligent data management reduce errors and duplicate data, both inside GiveCloud and in your mission critical third-party systems.
  • Keep Churn Low as you Grow - GiveCloud's automated communications and engaging experiences keep your donors engaged, even when they, to help you reduce donor churn as you grow.
  • Improve Staff and Volunteer Moral - Leverage GiveCloud's easy-to-use tools and fun-loving support makes every member of your team feel like the hero of the office.
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