GiveCloud's technology and pricing is centered around making sure you keep more of the money you work hard to fundraise for.

  • Reduce Fees
    We can keep your cost of your fundraising fees as low as possible.
  • Reduce Donor Churn
    GiveCloud intelligence works proactively to ensure your monthly donations stay strong.
  • Fewer Software Subscriptions
    We reduce the number of other software subscriptions you require.  We do this by building in most of what your charity needs into a single tool (website tools, email marketing, event ticketing, ecommerce, and so on...)
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
    GiveCloud's team keeps you up and running at no additional cost so you can stop paying to build and maintain your custom-built website, portal, kiosk and/or integration.
  • Reduce Failed Payments
    We help make sure every donation has the best chance of being processed.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Fees or Chargebacks
    We help you identify risky payments on the fly so you can take action.

Reduce Fees

We work hard to save you 40% to 400% in fundraising fees with our industry-low platform fees.

The closest competitor covers only about 60% of GiveCloud's featureset and takes at least 2% of your fundraising on top of your payment processing.  Most competitors can creep as high as 5% on top of your payment processing.

Reduce Donor Churn

GiveCloud's automated systems address the key reasons your monthly donors stop donating.

Automated Credit Card Updates

The majority of donors stop donating because of a problem with their credit card.  GiveCloud works with your payment processor to automatically update expired or stolen credit cards so your donors don't need to manually update their card.  Spooky - but also 💃🏻

Automated Notifications & Reminders

For those cards that can't automatically be updated, GiveCloud can send trusted and genuine email notifications on your behalf (no GiveCloud branding) to your donors to help them stay on track.  They can even update their own profile and fix payment issues right from their phone or computer using the donor portal.

Fewer Software Subscriptions

Why is it that most charities have to use up to nine different software subscriptions to do what every charity does week in and week out?  GiveCloud solves this by bringing all the popular tools charities use into one platform.  Depending on the size of your organization, you can see significant savings by switching to GiveCloud for:

  • Website building software
  • Website hosting & security software
  • Form building software
  • Payment software & hardware
  • Contact software
  • Event registration software
  • Shopping cart software
  • Kiosk software
  • Point-of-Sale software
  • Text-to-Give software
  • Peer-to-Peer software
  • Donor Portal software
  • Reporting software

And, we ♥ agencies and consultants.  They can too can learn how GiveCloud can help you save, but how we can help them build experiences that will win every RFP.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Quit fumbling around with all the different plugins, integrations, security certificates, custom design services and so on.  Leverage GiveCloud's enterprise technology, world-class team and our existing commitment to countless other charities to provide you with a custom, integrated and always-on fundraising solution.

And, if you're an agency or consultant, we can help you serve more charities with less overhead by keeping your maintenance costs nominal.

Reduce Failed Payments

Fewer Failures due to Declines

On other platforms, donors may experience issues donating because they've misspelled their address, name or other cardholder details.  This results in frustrated donors, lost donations and unwanted authorization fees. GiveCloud's technology lets you be less picky about the cardholder data your donors provide during payment to keep your fundraising scaling quickly. Realtime reporting allows you to verify troublesome cardholder data afterwards.

Fewer Failures due to Outages or Transaction Limits

Further, other platforms lock you into a specific payment processor with no backup if your payment processing fails. GiveCloud allows you to connect multiple payment processors so you can not only get the lowest fees, but switch between payment processors in the event of a block or outage.

Reduce Unnecessary Fees & Chargebacks

Many charities have to deal with fraud and chargebacks. GiveCloud collects critical information about every payment (including verification data from the bank) and displays it next to every payment so you can reverse any suspicious charges.

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