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First thing's first, if you haven't already, grab your free GiveCloud trial.  Once you've received your confirmation email, you're ready to begin!

Initial Setup

GiveCloud can be used as either your primary website or as a tool you use along-side your primary website.

As a Primary Website

GiveCloud allows you to create an engaging charity website with all the features you need as a charity.  No more programmers, consultants, plugins, security concerns, web hosts, and so on.

To use GiveCloud as your primary website:

  1. Customize your GiveCloud domain.
  2. Install and customize a unique GiveCloud template.
  3. Add Menus and Pages to your new website.

As a Standalone Tool

You can use GiveCloud as a standalone tool only for specific functions. For example, you could link from your main website to external GiveCloud fundraising pages, donation forms, online store, and so on.

To use GiveCloud as a standalone tool:

  1. Optionally use a custom subdomain for your GiveCloud account (for example: give.mycharity.org)
  2. Add your logo and colors to the GiveCloud template.
  3. Customize the header so it shows any additional links you want displayed on when donors are on your GiveCloud account.

Setup Online Payments

Setting up online payments can take time - sometimes as long as 7-8 business days depending on the payment processor you choose.  For the quickest setup, we recommend Stripe, PayPal, or connecting a Payment Processor you have an existing relationship with that we support.

  1. Decide on your Payment Processor and contact them directly to setup an account with them.
  2. Once the account has been setup, log into GiveCloud.  From the left menu, choose Settings & Admin > Payment Gateways.
  3. Find the Payment Processor you are integrating with and click the 'Edit' button.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts for connecting your account, then hit Save.  Be sure you've also toggle the 'Enable' switch at the top of your screen.

Install Integrations

More coming soon...

Start Building Pages & Forms

More coming soon...

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