GiveCloud sends a handful of communications to your donors on behalf of your organization.  These communications should be reviewed and your logo added so that they represent your organization well.

Custom "From" and "Reply-To"

  1. Go to Settings & Admin > Emails
  2. At the top of the setting screen, you'll see settings for From Address, From Name and Reply-To Address.  Change these fields appropriately.
  3. Hit Save.  If you receive an error about your domain's SPF records, consult your IT professional and have them add's servers to your SPF record.

Add GiveCloud's SPF record to your domain host

To verify your site email address, you need to add GiveCloud's SPF record to the TXT record in your domain settings.


  1. Log in to your domain hosting account.
  2. Find your domain's TXT record.
  3. Add GiveCloud's SPF record — v=spf1 -all — to your domain's TXT record.
  4. Save your changes.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Validation

If you require DKIM contact support about setting up custom DKIM for your domain.

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