Refunding/Voiding an Order

GiveCloud allows you to refund an entire order simply and easily.
Note: For GC Accounts connected to DonorPerfect, order refunds are NOT automatically updated in DonorPerfect. At the moment, you need to update the gift details manually. 

  1. Find the Order you are looking to refund.
  2. In the top right corner of the Order screen, click on the Gear icon. In the drop down, select "Refund".
  3. GiveCloud will mark the order as refunded and refund the total amount back to the customer/donor.

Partial Refunds

At the moment, GiveCloud does not provide a function for performing a partial refund on an order. Partial refunds must be performed manually using your SafeSave Payment Gateway.

Each GiveCloud order contains a Confirmation Number. This Confirmation Number is the SafeSave Transaction ID number. It also appears in the DonorPerfect gift in the Reference / Check Number field.

  1. Login to your SafeSave Payments account.
  2. Search for the original transaction using the Confirmation Number provided from GC.
  3. Once you find the transaction, you should see an option to refund the transaction. You should be able to specify an amount.

You can get more support on refunding directly from the SafeSave Payment Gateway by reaching out to SafeSave Payments support.

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