This feature may not be available on all packages.

GiveCloud allows you to associate media files to your product variants.  When that variant is purchased, GiveCloud will send your customer a separate email with a secure link to download that file.

First Time Setup

  1. From the left menu, select Settings & Admin and find the Email settings panel.  Select the System Email titled Order: eDownload Links.
  2. Review the content of this email which is sent to clients when they order a downloadable item. Adjust as desired. Make sure you keep the [[download_links]] merge code in your email as this will be translated to a customer download link by GiveCloud.

Storing Media Files for Purchase

Every media file you plan on selling on your site must first be uploaded to your 'Files' library.  The 'Files' library is powered by GiveCloud's secure Content Delivery Network.

  1. In JPanel, under FIles, click the Downloads Library
  2. Use the Upload File button to upload the desired file if it is not already in the Downloads Library.

Multiple Files in One Product

If you want to make multiple media files available in a single product (for example - multiple tracks from an album), you'll need to zip them together into a single archive, then link that archive to the product in GiveCloud.

Creating a Digital Product for Sale

  1. Create a product as you normally would.
  2. Select the Stock & Price variant that will contain downloadable content.
  3. Click the Show Digital Download Options link and select the file you want to purchase.  Select the file you want to give the customer access to.  Also select any optional security settings.  You may want to use security settings to help generate more revenue.  For example - you may charge more for a variant that offers lifetime access to a download, versus a 48hrs.
  4. Save your changes.
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