What is Double the Donation?

Double the donation is a platform that connects eligible employers willing to match donations with your donors. Learn more at http://doublethedonation.com.

How does the integration work?

GC will display a Double the Donation widget after a donation or purchase is completed, on the Thank You or Order Review page. This widget gives your donors the option to select their employer in order to help match their contribution.

GC does not store any donor/employer matching data. All GC does is display the widget powered by Double the Donation. You manage donation matching using the Double the Donation product.

How do I install Double the Donation into my GC site?

Before you get started, you'll need the Embed Code from your Double the Donation account. Be sure to have that handy before you follow these steps.

For One-Page Checkouts (donation pages):

  1. If you haven't already, create a Thank You page for your One-Page Checkout donations.  Go to Pages & Menus and create a new page.  Be sure to select "Visibility: Hidden from Menu".  Edit the content of the page to be sure you communicate a thoughtful thank you message.
  2. Below your thank you message is where you'll want to include the Double the Donation embed code.  DO NOT TRY TO PASTE THE EMBED CODE DIRECTLY INTO THE TEXT BOX.  That will not work.  You need to paste in the embed code using the Code option in the text editor and paste the embed code there.
  3. Hit Save in the top right corner.  After hitting save, you can click 'View' to preview the Thank You Page.
  4. Now you need to connect the Thank You Page with your One-Page Checkout forms.  This option could differ depending on the theme you have installed.  Typically, its under Site Design > Customize.  Look for a setting called "One Page Checkout Thank You Page".  Select the Thank You page you just created, then hit Save in the top right corner.
  5. Done :)

For Add-to-Cart Checkouts:

After a cart has been processed, the donor is automatically taken to the order review screen. That serves as the "Thank You" page for add-to-cart style donations and purchases. In order to connect Double the Donation to this page, you'll need to update the advanced template for your Order Review screen. Be sure you have the proper permission levels before continuing.

  1. Go to Site Design > Advanced. Find the Order Review template and click the magnifying glass to modify it.
  2. Paste your code either at the very top or the very bottom of the code that you see on your screen. Pasting at the top will cause the Double the Donation widget to appear ABOVE the order review screen. Pasting at the bottom will cause it to appear BELOW the order review screen. You choose.
  3. Hit PUBLISH in the top right corner. The change you make here is more difficult to preview. You'll need to find an existing order and click the "View Customer Receipt" option to view the order review screen changes in action.
  4. Done :)
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