When you connect a GoCardless account to GiveCloud, you are able to accept Direct Debit payments in Great Britain, the European Union and more. This is only available to our World Changers who have domicile accounts in one of the GoCardless supported countries.

Connect Your Account

You can sign-up or connect an existing account from the Settings & Admin > Integrations > GoCardless settings panel. Click "Connect GoCardless" to get started.

Not seeing "GoCardless" in your Settings & Admin screen? Check your permissions.

Accepting Direct Debit

Once your account is connected, a new payment option should display on your donation and checkout screens for "GoCardless". When a donor selects this option, they will be prompted to fill out their banking information. This banking information is never passed back to GiveCloud for security reasons. Instead, we receive a token and we can charge the donor's bank account using that token.

Direct Debit payments are NOT instant. There is typically a 3 day delay before the account is debitted.


GoCardless integrations work only in a single currency. For example, if you setup your UK GiveCloud account to process all payments in GBP, your donors MUST have a GBP bank account in order for the payment to succeed. Someone with a EURO account will not be able to use Direct Debit to pay.


Due to Direct Debit compliance in some countries, GoCardless will send notifications to your donors notifying them of activity against their bank account. These notifications are in-addition to the notifications you've setup in GiveCloud, have limited customization and can be managed in your GoCardless account.

Failed Payments

From time to time, a Direct Debit payment will fail. Typically, it's due to insufficient funds, but there are a variety of reasons why a Direct Debit might fail.

For recurring transactions, a failed payment will automatically update the transaction and will suspend the recurring payment profile.

For one-time donations, GiveCloud currently does not support failed notifications. You'll need to monitor your GoCardless account and manually 'Delete' orders where a payment has failed. This should improve in Q4 2017 as we improve GiveCloud's support of 'pending' and 'failed' transactions.

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