Integrate your existing PayPal account with GiveCloud and take advantage of the power of PayPal.

  • PayPal Express Checkout will be displayed as a payment option on all your payment screens (donations, purchases and crowdfunding)
  • See a modest boost in your fundraising by allowing donors the ease of paying with their PayPal account.
  • Every PayPal payment is captured in GiveCloud.
  • Every PayPal payment can be automatically pushed into any connected CRM in realtime, all with the appropriate accounting and donor coding
  • By request, pre-existing PayPal recurring payments can be automated by GiveCloud as well (read below)
  • You'll only need to login to PayPal to transfer funds into your bank account.
  • Be sure to apply for PayPal's nonprofit pricing!  You can process payments for as low as 2.2% in the US and 1.6% in Canada.  Check the PayPal website for nonprofit pricing in your region.

Important Requirement for New Recurring Donations

In order for GiveCloud to process new recurring payments using PayPal, you must submit a support ticket directly to PayPal requesting that they enable 'Reference Transactions' on your account.

'Reference Transactions' allow GiveCloud to create billing agreements between you and your donors.

Connecting PayPal

  1. Click to Settings & Admin > Payment Gateways
  2. Click the 'Edit' button next to PayPal Express Checkout.
  3. Click 'Connect PayPal' and follow the login instruction on PayPal's website.
  4. If you plan on accepting recurring payments, be sure you submit a support ticket directly with PayPal and have them enabled 'Reference Transactions' on your account.

All New One-Time Payments

All the donations or purchases made with PayPal will display in the same place as all your other payments.  All these payments will be included in your reports as well and in all your CRM integrations.

All New Recurring Payments

All new recurring donations received through the PayPal Express Checkout on your GiveCloud account will be managed by GiveCloud.  GiveCloud will charge each PayPal account at the appropriate time.  This allows Givecloud to perform the same automated notifications, receipts and realtime CRM integrations as any other payment you might receive.  It also allows your donors/customers can use their profile login on your GiveCloud site to update their recurring payment, change their payment method from PayPal to another method, update their address, etc.

Existing Recurring Payments

As for all those existing recurring payments in your PayPal account, PayPal will continue to process those for you the same as they do currently.

Legacy Payment Automation

GiveCloud can automate the existing payments in your PayPal account.  This feature is called Legacy Payment Automation.

How does it work?
All your existing (or legacy) recurring payments will have a second identical recurring payment created in GiveCloud.  The new recurring payment in GiveCloud will be 'married' to the existing PayPal recurring payment.  PayPal will continue to process your legacy recurring payments, but, it will notify GiveCloud each time it processes one of those payment.  GiveCloud will update the 'married' recurring payment in GiveCloud and perform all the same automated steps as your newly received recurring payments (notifications, receipts, realtime integrations, etc).

Legacy Payment Automation has a one-time activation fee of $1 per recurring payment you want us to track.  Each time we receive a notice of payment from PayPal, you'll be charged the same GiveCloud transaction fee as the rest of your payments.*

*All costs are accurate as of July 2019 but may have changed since.

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