The Child Sponsorship module is a full featured Child Sponsorship database solution.  You can track all the children in your sponsorship program and all related data.  You can manage what data stays private and what data is available for the public or the sponsors to view.

Steps for Getting Started

  1. Setup custom fields to match the fields in your existing child sponsorship spreadsheet or database.
  2. Configure your sponsorship payment bundles and options.
  3. Import child records, photos and sponsor records. (included in our onboarding packages)
  4. Customize your website, review the sponsor portal and customize your automated emails.

1. Custom Field Set Up

Custom Fields

The sponsorship module provides a structured approach to managing sponsorship and the same parameters (e.g.; Age. Guardian Relationship, Hobbies, School, etc.) will be reported for all sponsored individuals, so it is worth spending the time to decide exactly what parameters you want to include. Also keep in mind that you will be updating and maintaining information for all sponsored individuals when you are making these decisions.

Each Custom Field can be one of:

  • Text
  • Multi-Select
  • Advanced Multi-Select

Standard Fields

There are some sponsorship fields that always appear in GiveCloud for each sponsored individual.

They are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Birth Date (Age is calculated)
  • Biography
  • Picture

Advanced Settings

Click on Settings & Admin > Sponsorship to modify the advanced settings.

  • Age of Maturity: Children who have reached this age will no longer be automatically re-listed for sponsorship when an existing sponsorship expires.  You can also run reports to help you determine how to handle any existing sponsorships on those individuals.
  • Max Sponsors: Use this field to specify the maximum number of sponsors that a sponsored individual can have. When a sponsored individual reaches this maximum number, GiveCloud will show the individual as Sponsored and will not allow additional sponsors. If the child (or other sponsored individual) already has at least one sponsor but has not reached the Max. Sponsors number of sponsors; they will show as Sponsored but will still allow additional sponsorship(s) up to the defined maximum.

2. Payment Bundles and Options

 You can predetermine how much it costs to sponsor each individual in your database.  You can create different levels of sponsorship.  Each Payment Bundle is a collection of payment options. A Payment Bundle may include a mixture of recurring and non-recurring payment options.

When you add sponsored individuals to your system, you get to choose which payment bundle will be applied to this individual. This would allow you to, for example, show higher sponsorship costs in areas where it is more expensive to care for these individuals.

Click on Child Sponsorship > Payment Options from the left menu to create the different bundles and options.

3. Importing Children and Sponsors

If you've purchased an onboarding package, data importing is included as part of your onboarding.

Once you've set up the database to track your children the way you need, we'll provide you with a pre-formatted spreadsheet that your team will populate with all your child records.  We'll provide you a second spreadsheet for all your sponsors records.  We'll analyze those files, provide feedback, and then import the data.

Photos will be provided to GiveCloud in a ZIP.  Each photo should be named with the reference number of each child.  GiveCloud's automated processes will unzip the file and attach each image to a child.

Each sponsor will have a recurring payment configured based on their sponsorship type.  The recurring payment will be set up as a manual payment initially.  The process of attaching active bank or credit card data to each recurring payment differs from client to client, depending on your payment processor.  This process is included in your onboarding.

4. Customize Website, Sponsor Login and Emails

Customize Website

Use the Site Design menu option to customize the look of your sponsorship website.

Customize Sponsor Login

To manage what sponsors are allowed to do when they login, head to Settings & Admin > Accounts.  Scroll to the Donor Portal panel and adjust the 'Enabled Features' according to your comfort level.  For example, you may want sponsors to be able to login and change their address, but NOT cancel a sponsorship.

Customize Automated Emails

GiveCloud will automatically communicate with your sponsors for you, based on your preferences.  Be sure to review the email setup in Settings & Admin > Email to confirm that the correct emails are enabled and that they are formatted the way you need.

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