GiveCloud will automatically send a secure PDF tax receipt via email to anyone who makes a donation on your site.

Customize Your Tax Receipts

  1. From the left menu, select "Settings & Admin", then "Tax Receipts". If you do not see "Tax Receipts" as an option, you may not have enough user permissions. (ask your team member in charge of setting up users to change your settings; they will be able to give you the neccessary permisisions)
  2. Turn Tax Receipts: ON. Then, follow the on-screen panels to complete your setup.

Managing Receiptable Purchases

Before GiveCloud can send Tax Receipts, you need to tell GiveCloud which products are receiptable.

  1. From the left menu, select "Sell & Fundraise" then "Items".
  2. Find one of the products that you know are receiptable (for example, a donation product). Click the product thumbnail to edit the product.
  3. On the right side panel, select "Enable Tax Receipts", then hit "Save".

Done! Now, each time someone purchases a receiptable product, GiveCloud will sum up the total receiptable value of the items in their cart and send off a PDF tax receipt. You can review, revise, void, and resend tax receipts from the Tax Receipt report under "Reports" (from the left menu).

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