Keep track of the types of donor accounts that are interacting with your organization.

An account type refers to whether a donor is donating/purchasing as themselves (individual) or on behalf of an organization.

An account type can either be 'Individual' or 'Organization'.

Some examples of 'Organization' account types are Schools, Foundations, Governments.

This feature can be managed in Settings & Admin > Accounts

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If enabled, will allow donors to choose their account type during checkout, signup and on their profile.

If someone chooses an account type that is an organization, they will then be prompted to enter their organization name.

Example: A company would like to donate to your organization. Even though someone from the company may be donating and creating an account, they are doing it on behalf of a company (organization). They would then choose the applicable account type and enter their company name. The account that is created on your site will reflect that it is actually a corporate account and the tax receipt will be issued in the name of the company instead of the individual.

Managing account types

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